Child Mermaid Tail

Your child can fulfill his or her dreams of becoming a mermaid or mer-boy, gliding through the water with their brilliant tail breaking the surface of the water. In a variety of vibrant colors, these beautiful mermaid and mer-boy tails by The2Tails feature unbreakable neutral buoyant monofin, designed with a low profile for perfect mermaiding.

Child Mermaid Tail: $128
Child Mermaid Swim Top: $18 (sold separately - click here)

Child Tails fit Mermaids & Mer-boys weighting between 50 - 90 lbs with a shoe size of 1 - 4 (US Youth). Matching Top sold separately. Made in USA.  Adult supervision required.

Category: Mermaid

Type: Kids

Vendor: The Del Shop



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